Select a suitable person from the candidates to suit the present environment in the country!

Peoples representatives need to pick from the pack most suitable person as next President.

Given that Sri Lanka is in the worst turmoil right now, it’s worth looking at situational leadership, which prescribes that leaders should adapt to the environment and change their style of leadership.

It is therefore, necessary for the present members of parliament to choose someone as the next president, who can come out of their party politics box and change his leadership style to suit the environment of the country.

The bitter truth is that the Deputy President cannot necessarily change his style of leadership to suit the present environment of the country. Peoples representatives, therefore needs to pick from the rest of candidates in the pack.

In this sinario, it is best for all members of Parliament to realize this truth and act in a responsible manner come out of their political party box to select the most suitable person from the pack of candidates.