New Leardership to rebuild Sri Lanka!

Proposed as President and Primer

Today, July 18 is Nelson Mandela Day, who as a national leader with clan name Madiba (father of the nation) fought for freedom against oppression in the Republic of South Africa. Mandela had the wisdom to show the way to forgiveness and reconciliation with rainbow nation concept and his efforts at fostering unity by healing the deep fissures in his country.

What impressed most was when he came to accept the principle of armed struggle; his strategy was not to seize power by force, but rather to make the government negotiate; and when, in turn, the government eventually yielded, Mandela showed neither bitterness nor vindictiveness, but with an astonishing capacity for forgiveness & conciliation.

Still there are lessons for our leaders to learn from Nelson Mandela!

Whereas in Sri Lanka, today (17 July) hundredth day of the struggle has passed; that disposed the President, Prime Minister and cabinet of ministers.

So far four contestants are named in Sri Lankan Parliament for the Presidential poll. Though non are of Nelson Mandela calibre; perhaps Dullas Alahapperuma, of the independent faction of the Sri Lanka Podujana Perumuna (SLPP) may qualify to become our own Madiba, needed to rebuilt the little island nation from its ruins. For unlike the rest, he has neither bitterness nor vindictiveness; and with a capacity for forgiveness & conciliation to produce the desired results in the remaining period of this presidency.

After Dulles Alagaperumal assumed office as President of Sri Lanka, an all-party government be formed with Sajith Premadasa as Prime Minister and 14 ministers appointed. It will help rebuild our country from the ruins.

An important factor for consideration in deciding whom to cast their vote by the members in parliment representing all minorities!