Sri Lanka a nation exploited by it’s rulers!

Tamil National Alliance (TNA), whose predecessor was the Federal Party (TULF) has directed it’s legislatures to cast their votes as President to
Dullas Alahapperuma!

The Sri Lankan nation has been exploited; and it’s people deceived generation after generation in the wake of each election cycle. When in 1956 Federal Party or TULF decided to perform ‘satyagraha’ (non-violent protest) at Galle Face Green opposite then Parliament building evoked a sympathetic response among the Tamil people. As the satyagraha was organized by Federal Party in opposition to the Sinhala Only Act was disturbed by organized Sinhala hooligans is now history.

Today’s brutal collapse of Sri Lanka’s economy is a blessing in disguise; for the country that was polarized by the demagoguery of deceitful politicians have now been exposed to their bones and marrow. Aragalaya is a welcome messenger rather than an ominous signal of destruction.It is a fact, that its leaders are radicals, so were the leaders of previous groups JVP and LTTE. These are consequence of having radical leaders as Head of state since independence. 

Sadly, Sri Lankan people were misled by past radical leaders; who projected themselves as saviour of Buddhism and protectors of the Sinhalese. It led the country to a prolonged civil-war. All done for greed of power, or to gain wealth or both, that caused many uprisings and that includes the present Aragalaya.

Whereas in a true democracy it was the economic, ethnic and religious minorities who needed protection as it was they who came out worse off and the radical groups were their saviours.

Grievances unresolved for Sri Lankan Tamils!

It is in this sinario, that the Tamil National Alliance (TNA), whose predecessor was the Federal Party has risen to the occasion and directed it’s legislatures to cast their votes to Dullas Alahapperuma as President. TNA Leaders of sound integrity not in love with publicity, but in love with justice, not in love with money, but in love with humanity and subjected to the greatness of their cause has decidedto support Alahapperuma, with their long standing grievances still left unresolved, needs to be appreciated by all Sri Lankans!