Lankan Rulers ignored Buddhist Precepts!

Buddhist leaders, must truly follow the teachings of Lord Buddha!

Sri Lankans have been mild and meek from colonial days simply following instruction of their colonial masters and living on their scraps.

While all its leaders, most of whom were western oriented, presented themselves as true Buddhists; though they never followed the teachings of Lord Buddha.

The Five Buddhist Precepts are: 1) Refrain from taking life..,2) Not killing any living being.., 3) Refrain from taking what is not given…, 4) Not stealing from anyone… and 5) Refrain from the misuse of the senses.

Lankan Rulers had ignored Buddhist Precepts as they pretended to follow it; was this false behaviour of these leaders that has taken Ceylon the Pradise country to Sri Lanka that is today known to the world as tiny and bankrupt island in the Indian Ocean.

In this sinario, what is needed is a sharp critique of how the monopoly of rule by the Sinhalese Buddhist majority directly contributes to the social exclusion, material dispossession and political marginalization of minority communities. Such criticism must be followed by a program of political and economic reforms to bring prosperity to the country to ensure normal life to all people in this little island!