Sri Lankans with a fraud parliamentary democracy!

…where two wrongs don’t make a right!

With the millions of ruled Sri Lankans, joined in protests and strikes for a system change over the previous three months, the ruler’s actions were to commit two wrongs that didn’t make a right, whatsmore the ruled had no say at all!

When a parliamentary vote installed, the sole parliamentarian of the rump United National Party national list who during the 2022 political crisis, was appointed Prime Minister; then weeks later. Then after the former President, fled the country and resigned his post on losing public support. Thereafter the Prime Minister was made the  President of the country; committed his first wrong simply exposing the present fraud parliamentary democracy. The second wrong was committed, when the new President re-appointed virtually the entire hated cabinet and a new prime minister.

Sri Lanka’s history of crisis and conflict will repeat itself, without a dramatic shift in the Sinhala Buddhist nationalism of the populace and Sri Lanka’s institutions.

Under this sinario only a real reckoning with Sri Lanka’s past and a sustainable political solution that addresses aspirations of all communities will ensure the island as a whole a more stable, prosperous, and peaceful environment for all.