Sri Lanka & All Party Govenment association!

All present Representatives, should keep out their political party affiliations to extend their unconditional support proposed All Party Govenment association.  

President is the key actor today with his experience and maturity as a political leader is high and even if he failed to achieve what he promised to do in the past as prime minister. After all he did not have the executive powers of presidents above him who did undermine his efforts; to ensure that the oppressive weight of the government on the people was minimized.

Ranil did rule with a light touch, be it during the period of the Ceasefire Agreement during the civil-war or in the post-war Yahapalana period. This won for him the confidence of those sections of the ethnic and religious minorities and civil society who believed in the politics of moderation and consensus.

As existence and worth of Parliament will depend on the behavior of the present Representatives, who should keep out their political party affiliations and extend their unconditional support to the All Party Govenment association proposed by the President.  

Only speak up when anything wrong is done, that will enable the new association to earn good karma for all; make the country a better place for all to live!

In this sinario, as Swami Vivekananda once said  best option available for all people representatives in the Parliament, irrespective of their political party affiliations is to support the All Party Govenment  proposed by the President. Ranil Wickremesinghe could still end up as the best president of Sri Lanka, to overcome the racism and false promises kept in foreground by all his predecessors.