Lost Paradise is bankrupt after 75 years misrule!

Selfish Power hungry racist rulers in 75 years have driven Sri Lanka, the Paradise Island to bankruptcy!

When Sri Lanka, gained independence in 1948, the short-sighted elite racist rulers adopted a unitary system of government, instead of forming a two-nation coalition government. Only to disturb peace in the country as the selfish leaders began rule based on class, ethnic, religious and language. The policies of divide and rule, led to a massive, brutal civil war that lasted many decades and the world knows its dire consequences to the ruled minorities.

In addition, the country was driven to bankruptcy by successive misrule by the selfish, corrupt, racist rulers; Due to their ignorance of reality, that island located in the center of the Indian Ocean, busiest in the world in terms of global politics and commerce left unexploited to benefit the ruled in 75 years.

Furthermore, of late the strategic location of data cable routes and other resources under the Indian Ocean has drawn the attention of many countries to the crosshairs of the great power rivalry over the island of Sri Lanka.

The docking of the Chinese research vessel Yuan Wang 5 at the Hambantota port on August 16, 2022 was a landmark event in Sri Lanka’s history. All this reflects years of misrule; that caused unnecessary interference of many countries as America, India and China in the internal affairs of Sri Lanka.

The economic downturn, brought the country to seek favors from many friendly countries for survival; main reason for this is the repressive regime of racist rulers ignorant of Buddhist Dharma that began in 1948. A rule based on class, ethnic, religious and language with policies of divide and rule, resulted in a fierce civil war waged on the ruled. Today the island of Sri Lanka, which includes two nations, is fully bankcrupt without peace. In this sinario the dejected ruled from all communities are calling for a change to the system of governance suitable for all!