Sri Lanka needs a system change!

President is backed by a political alliance, which is less a party in the traditional sense and more a vehicle for the ambitions of the most power hungry political family.

In our parliament today, both sides of the aisle are filled with many of the most unsavoury characters. They had other priorities on February 2022, the day the parliament was to debate the state of the free falling economy and a sovereign default looming. Consequently the debate was cancelled for lack of a quorum with majority of members busy elsewhere.

What’s more had those present taken up the debate; given the abysmal quality of the current parliament, the debate would have degenerated into a slanging match. It is hard to imagine a sober, well-informed, fact-based discussion of the economy or any other subject in this parliament.

If the next General Election is held under the present preferential vote system, be assured many of these most unsavoury characters on both sides of the aisle in parliament will be re-elected.

In this sinario, it’s upto the ruled as voters to use their franchise wisely at the next General Election to avoid yet another disaster. Its no good crying about spilt milk; for we know there’s no point being upset over something that has already happened and cannot be changed. As this has been Sri Lankans past experience over many decades and today they are calling for a change in the system of governance!