UNHRC session not a challenge for Sri Lanka -President

‘The UN HRC session will not be a challenge to Sri Lanka’ – President.

President of Sri Lanka, in 2015 as then Prime Minister agreed to every word in the co-sponsored UNHRC Resolution 30/1 on Sri Lanka, to promote reconciliation, accountability and human rights in Sri Lanka. What’s more with commitments the establishment of the “Office on Missing Persons (OMP)” was his brainchild. With many veteran human rights activists saying then that these efforts were just to brainwash the international community.  They told the international community that this was another Sri Lankan tactic to buy time and space on accountability and reconciliation. The members of the UNHRC and the international community too have now realised this truth. Later the Prime Minister failed to win his parliamentary seat.

By fate, then Prime Minister is today the President and with two weeks remaining before the 51st session of UNHRC begins. But the Members of the UNHRC, the international community, international non-governmental organisations (NGOs), and others expectation is that Sri Lankan President may be different from the former President. 

Under current sinario, Sri Lankans expect their President, with all his executive powers to guide Sri Lanka to bring the UNHRC Resolution co-sponsored by himself in 2015 to a successful conclusion to meet the expectations of the people.