Queen Elizabeth II 70 yrs reign ends!

Queen Elizabeth’s 70-year reign through fifteen Prime Ministers gradually transformed UK to what it is today.

There are many in Sri Lanka, who criticize the obituary of Queen Elizabeth’s 70-year reign as Queen of England through fifteen Prime Ministers of England, and the country of her birth gradually transformed and progressed United Kingdom to what it is today.

No doubt those who watched new Prime Minister Liz Truss’s opening speech at Westminster Parliament the day after she met the Queen at Balmoral Castle noticed, that directly behind her were three key ministers of the new Prime Minister’s cabinet who sat in the front row during the live telecast that day. All three are colored and their parents are all immigrants; the country was changed for the better by their arrival.

On the other hand, Sri Lanka, which was called Ceylon, a paradise island country of the British Kingdom. When in gained independence, all it’s citizens were ruled by it’s selfish elite indigenous leaders. If only they had ruled without ethnic and religious discrimination, island nation would still be a paradise and certainly reached today’s bankrupt state, a bitter experience!

In this sinario, Sri Lankans have many reasons to pay tribute to the good governance of the British Kingdom. It is because of that we respect the true service rendered for 70 years by Queen Elizabeth II.