President should ensure fair rule for all Lankans by ending all discriminations on all minorities!

“There’s a Hole in My Bucket” is a children’s song based on a dialogue between two characters, named Henry and Liza, about a leaky bucket; describing a “deadlock” situation in which Henry’s bucket leaks and Liza tells him to repair it.

While the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) Resolution on Sri Lanka at the ongoing 51st session, appears to give ‘another chance’ for the government to implement its post-war commitments on accountability issues without ‘shifting the goal-post’ one more time. Thus the upcoming resolution could be one short of the co-sponsored resolutions of the 2014-19 period, fixed to domestic mechanisms that was promised, but never kept successive governments.

This is evident from a spate of mass protests on the rise by the proponents of anti-politics. What happened thereafter and heavy damages caused is all history now and people are still fighting for survival, facing untold difficulties to make ends meet is common knowledge to the world at large.

With many people especially the youth, openly condemning established political parties, demanding the ouster of all 225 sitting members Parliament; sofar these warnings signals have gone unheeded. 

Under this sinario, the need of the hour is to find a corruption free democrat to lead, to address the problems of all people that included the minorities; and provide a holistic rule to unite the country. Therefore the President as the new ruler, like sealing holes in a bucket; should first resolve issues of every community to serve them better; rebuild livelihoods of communities in the country to restore unity in the island!