A tax file for everyone above the age of 18 living in Sri Lanka?

Proposed Direct Tax slab in Sri Lanka

On hindsight this proposal should have been introduced after the war was brought to finish in 2009. Yet protests are expected from those against the rulers for trying to adopt such a tax system in the current economic downturn.

The announcement that after the upcoming budget, a separate tax file will be opened for everyone above the age of 18 living in Sri Lanka. Truth of the matter is so far the country has had the most backward direct tax system in the world; this being the case many irresponsible parties in politics are pointing out, this was instigated by International Monetary Fund, only shows their ignorance.

In this sinario, opening a separate tax file for those above 18 years of age and bringing them into the tax-paying net is the right decision; At the same time, suggest that the government should re-examine many hidden taxes and carry out operations to reduce them, or eliminate them altogether.