Work without political profit to uplift weaker sections in our society!

Unfortunately, the deepening economic crisis in Sri Lanka continues to threaten the fragile family food security of the country’s society made-up of multi-faith communities.

With food insecurity, health concerns, livelihoods and nutrition related challenges are amongst the most pressing issues visible in Sri Lanka.

A survey carriedout by Red Cross across all social strata in many districts of Sri Lanka reveals broad-ranging domino effects of the crisis. Of the many people interviewed, around 96% have been affected by the prevailing economic crisis in some material way.

The assessment had found that the purchasing power of households is constrained by food inflation, and that disruptions to livelihoods, and food insecurity have increased worries about malnutrition.

These people are suffering from poorer health as the healthcare system has been compromised, while household economic stresses have resulted in rising concerns over basic needs and protection for the most vulnerable. In particular those already living below the poverty line, with disabilities and marginalised people.

Today, out of the total population 18 lakh 50 thousand families in the country are receiving Samurthi assistance. Persons belonging to more than 4 lakh 16 thousand families are receiving old age allowance. More people with special needs will get relief and in addition new intake will be done.

The entire nation is aware of the fact that the families of the weaker sections are suffering the most. Among them, according to the survey, affected families belong to various segments including plantation families, daily income urban lay families, fishing and farming families, garment factory and Middle Eastern labor families, and women-headed families.

Bitter truth is that the government has no other option than to levy a new tax to provide relief to them! It is necessary for all political parties to cooperate with the government to uplift these suffering fellow citizens without seeking political profit!