Lankans demand a system change!

The reality today in Sri Lanka, it’s legal anti-corruption regime needs to be strengthened. For the existing legal framework could have served the purpose well; only if the country’s criminal investigative and judicial systems had stood up to the challenge. Even more to the point, if it had been allowed to work unimpeded, by political interference at the highest levels. For there were many cases against politicians of all ranks, in some rare cases, even judicial officers, all got precisely nowhere.

In the past, many honest officers acted properly, only to be punished by the offended politicians returning back to power. Another crucial problem has been absence of a dedicated and independent police force akin to anti-corruption units elsewhere in the world.

In this sinario, main expectation of all the ethnic and religious people in the country is to establish a legal anti-corruption regime and strengthen it and the protests are taking place for it. Realizing this, the corrupt politicians in power are trying to punish those protesting, portraying them as state terrorists. Unperturbed by it, the citizens are demanding a system change as they have had enough of the existing bad governance!