Sri Lankans must add value to local produces to meet export market!

While all Sri Lankans are facing challenging macro-economic and social situation; with their unpopular government struggling to bring back normalcy in the country, in order to prolong their power longer, rather than uplift the people lives and country out of it’s present mess caused by poor management.

Under present circumstances, best option available for the rulers is to bring in more of the ruled to fully support the activities for rebuilding the diseased economy. First by replacing all crupt management in public sector industries; and create an environment by providing incentives to start as many private sector industries in all districts to add value to local products for the export market; being the only option available to rebuild the economy. Further it would create necessary foundation for a sustainable private sector led growth in the country.

Some examples of value added products include fruits made into pies or jams, meats made into jerky, and tomatoes and peppers made into salsa may be raw or cooked, and are generally served at room temperature.

These are raw agricultural products that could be modified or enhanced to have a higher market value and/or a longer shelf life.

Under this sinario, what is needed from the relevant authorities is to properly analysis chain of activities and events, both upstream and downstream of a particular product. Thus ensure that these enterprises once started are able to keep their workforce in full employment to manufacture high quality products for export for the benefit of people employed and at the same time help to re-build confidence and thereby increase wealth of the nation!