Lankan President needs to repair 75 years of lapses in Governance!

After gaining independence in 1948, with absence of an all inclusive rule in Sri Lanka led to many protests from the Tamil-speaking communities and failure of all the political leaders since then to find adequate compromise caused further deterioration of political discourse!

With Black July pogrom of 1983 in Sri Lanka; eventually led to a full scale civil-war during which period the Tamils enjoyed self-rule in controlled areas in North-East provinces. In fact those areas controlled were then the safest place for the tamil-speaking civilians; yet it was dangerous as government forces bombed at random terrorising all civilians.

And to make matters worse the government imposed full economic embargo on these controlled areas restricting medical, food & fuel supplies, electricity, electronic devices to cause all hardship for the same population.

Yet, it is not fair to equate that situation in controlled areas in North-East to the present situation, that the whole population in the country are facing, completely two different situations with different responses.

Then in war torn regions people were all involved in many state sponsored projects that gradually empowered them. They all worked and lived in those controlled areas recounting very impressive social changes; that included witnessing pervasive caste-consciousness eliminated and what’s more all earning income above a set minimum amount paid direct taxes.

In particular it held promise of progressive ideals for women in the society and good governance oriented toward the well being of the people. Infusing people with the spirit of struggle, united them as one people. It was indeed, with promise for many more social changes that would have benefited Tamil-speaking communities people living in the whole country.

However this progressive situation was destroyed when the cruel bloody civil-war was brought to finish in 2009. Though war ceased due to poor governance by selfish political class, people had negative peace and by 2022 the country was bankrupt.

Under this present sinario, for Sri Lanka to regain all respectability in the world, all communities want their President to repair all the Good Governance lapses of 75 years, committed by past greedy rulers, before celebrating the 75th independence Day on 4 February 2023. It would unite the nation and help ease life of communities in the island that was known as a paradise at the time it gained independence in 1948