Oneness call from TNA veteran Ra Sampanthan

Even though there are various differences among the leaders of North East Tamil political parties, time is ripe for them to speak with one voice, the basic aspiration of the Tamils with bitter experience of witnessing their party leaders leaving the Alliance with selfish political ambitions, without any care for the welfare of the Tamils in North-East.

Since the President is to discuss with the Tamil leaders on power sharing, unresolved issues of the Tamils by the civil-war and other related issues on the defunct Provincial Council system.

Tamils in North and East provinces appreciating the fact that they are stronger together, was happy with the oneness call from the veteran leader of the Tamil National Alliance. He has given an invitation to all leaders of other Tamil parties, hoping they will all come together to enable the TNA with other Tamil parties as representatives of the Tamils living in North-East provinces to speak with one voice with the President.

In this sinario, it is time for Tamils to come together and put all party differences aside and proclaim unity, by making sure all Tamil leaders accept the veteran leader’s call for oneness!