Sri Lankan Presidency and Parliament must go through it’s full term!

President presenting 2023 Budget stressed all citizens to travel on a new path!

In the 2023 Budget presented by the President, it was stressed that all citizens need to travel on a new path. As discussions are also underway regarding a loan with the IMF and debt restructuring, thsee processes are expected to go on for few more months, before offering any clear solutions.

In the meantime all citizens will have to braces for further hardships. Citizens first must forget party politics comeout of that mindset box and tighten their belts to work as one unit to come out this crisis.

For this the President must be allowed serve his full term and Parliament continue to the full term. The General Elections held at the end of the present term.

The local council elections held in March 2023 and finally the Provincial Council elections in 2024; after the President concluded discussions with the Tamil leaders on power sharing and resolving other related issues on the Provincial Council system.

All citizens needs to study where did we as a nation go wrong? We need to investigate where the error occurred. May help watching video attached:

Today, it is the responsibility of every Sri Lankan to create a political culture without party affiliation to support all popular and fair decisions for the long term development of a united Sri Lanka built of two nations.