Legalized Cannabis cultivation for export is treason against nation!

Sri Lanka has a long history of drug use and traditionally cannabis, opium and alcohol have been drugs of choice. Cannabis and opium were often part of indigenous medicinal preparations, where there is illicit cultivation of cannabis.

In Sri Lanka cannabis is known as a medicine and yet is still classified as a dangerous drug and is being used illegally by drug addicts in almost all districts in the island.

In 2015 then Chief Minister of the Northern Province, noting that the prevalence of drug circulation in the North had increased after end of the civil-war in 2009, as a remedy called for military forces to be retracted from the area.

In 2016, the Northern Province Health Minister said that problems such as disappearances, missing relatives and poverty continue to affect the war torn areas have contributed to the use of illegal drugs. Minister’s comments came as increased raids across the North, where drugs worth millions of rupees being recovered.

In 2020, the security forces, were given a new task to combat drug trafficking with instructions given to all Security Forces commanders, especially the SF HQ Wanni, to take measures to nab drug smugglers, as drugs smuggling was a widespread issue in Mannar, Vavuniya and Jaffna.

Later, the Defence Ministry gave instructions to security forces and the Police to intensify raids on illegal drug smuggling, including kerala ganja (cannabis), to eradicate drug menace and to prevent illegal drugs coming into the country.

Under this sinario, it came as a surprise to all Sri Lankans that the lawmakers are with proposals for medical cannabis cultivation and exportation legalized is a sin of treason against the whole nation!