Irradicate all misrule caused ill effects still left in Sri Lanka!

After Sri Lanka’s civil war was brought to finish in 2009, the ruling majority should have included all North East minorities in rebuilding their war ravaged regions in the country. But greedy rulers failed to do this, instead concentrated all their efforts on  projects round the island that gave them larger commissions. Their behavior was the height of stupidity and Tamil minorities in particular neither accepted nor welcomed projects completed by these greedy rulers.

Only by creating harmonious environments can all communities attain harmonious feelings of unity in the country. Yet simple criticism and unwarranted accusations against the rulers, not their supporters by the minorities have not helped to resolve anything; and the minorities themselves have no long term policy plans and now all citizens are watching the situation where changes are taking place in the political arena day by day.

Today in Sri Lanka, the ruled citizens are prepared to support the call for a system change, because of a great desire to end the ugly confrontational political culture of the rulers, existing in the country past several years. Their only wish is to create a new political culture which would take the country forward on the basis of consensus.

But looking at the kind of response from the rulers, the obvious question that comes to mind of the people is “Are these rulers true representatives of the people, if so do they love their country or at least have a concern for the interests of the people they rule?”

For it is the selfish attitude of the rulers that has made our Island that was a paradise in 1948 fully bankrupt today in 2022; amid an economic crisis, resulting with defaulting loan repayments to many countries and defaulting sovereign debts.

In this sinario, for minorities to enjoy all rights in the country as the majority; the rulers must first eradicate all ill feelings between communities in Sri Lanka, caused by years of misrule by the self-interested feudal elite rulers; sooner it is done the better!