Sri Lankans sceptical about their President!

Sri Lankan’s are sceptical about their President, who wants open-ended talks with the Tamil National Alliance (TNA) to resolve all their issues before the 75th Independence Day on Feb 4, 2023.

The President last month appreciating the challenges his government is facing reached out to the Sri Lankan Tamils with all their unresolved issues, from the civil war that was brought to finish in 2009.

In 2009, while the Sri Lankan civil-war was in full swing, both sides arms were silenced by the regional and global powers, who did not want a new power center to emerge in the Indian Ocean, as it did not exactly align with the interests of these international powers.

Earlier, 1987 the Indo-Lanka Accord gave substantive power devolution to the nine provinces in Sri Lanka; created, through, a separate Act of Parliament known best as the 13-A. It was breached by both sides, with Tamils sticking to a ‘separate state’ demand and the government fearing imminent secession; were slow with the full implementation and are still adamant to date against granting federal powers to Tamils; with India, following a ‘non- interference’ attitude on the issue.

Under this sinario, the TNA favours pre- conditions including “maximum devolution of power” with re-merger of North and East provinces as one region. As Tamils in the North-East fear they would be rendered a minority in the Major Tamil Speaking areas known as their own ‘homeland’!