President is focused on suppressing dissent!

Despite the many challenges facing the country, the new government seems more focused on suppressing dissent than on solving the economic crisis, even as it negotiates a loan from the International Monetary Fund (IMF); something previous government due to its ignorance avoided for over two years, even though our country is eligible to obtain IMF loan facilitates.

Whereas the conditions the IMF places on its loan could have provided desperately needed relief while addressing underlying causes, two years earlier. Thus the IMF should make it clear to our President that he needs to engage with the public, and not silence them.

To reduce the risk of debt crises, the IMF had a very fruitful exchange, both on the G20 Common Framework and on some specific cases and need to build on the momentum of the agreement on Chad’s debt treatment and accelerate and finalize the debt treatments for Sri Lanka, which would allow for disbursements from the IMF and multilateral development banks. IMF also see new cases that are coming in this time of tighten global financial conditions; are talking about how it can prevent individual cases of debt distress from triggering a global debt crisis. The application of the G20 framework must become much faster and more predictable, and it needs to reach a broader set of countries. IMF also see space for a platform for more systematic engagement on debt issues, where China is expected to play an active role.