President’s strategies to solve issues of the North-East Tamils!

While President’s strategy towards the issue of the Tamils may pave way for the cooperation of the Sinhala parties ahead of the Geneva session in March 2023; the bitter truth is the North-East Tamils have lost faith with their leadership.

Even though the Tamil National Alliance (TNA) understands and the N-E Tamils know now that all this is nothing more than rhetoric as they will not get any international justice. They are stuck in a political quicksand and unable to move any step further.

Bitter truth is the TNA and the Tamils living in North and East were always reluctant to say unanimously that a joint North-East autonomous structure is for then only permanent political solution and that what happened in 2009 was pure ethnic cleansing.

Perhaps the past leaders of the Tamils had left it too late, each time a window of opportunity was made to them and today have no choice but to agree to the solution desired by the Indian and the Sri Lankan rulers unconditionally.

Now only a civil society organization that transcends party politics and engages in a democratic way full-time can perhaps put an end to the TNA’s meaningless conformity politics.

Under this sinario, even if an election is held now, there is no doubt the new government that comes into office will continue to implement the strategies laid out by the President. Therefore it is time for the Tamils to identify who will be their definitive future leader; to rid of individual politics and also eliminate collective irresponsibility that was so obvious since civil-war was brought to finish in 2009 by friendly nations!