Human rights controversial in Sri Lanka!

The President must take care of the deteriorating situation,
before it reach uncontrollable levels!

Human rights have become a controversial issue in Sri Lanka specially after the suppression of the protest movement and in the recent past has been dedicated to holding human rights events by many organizations interested in the island.  There is now tension between those who prioritized the demand for national security and stability and those who prioritized justice.

It is in the context of a weakened economy that the issue of justice has come to the fore in our country; while it may not have a major impact on some, it affects majority of the people severely. In the interest of the nation this situation must be changed quickly, otherwise the livelihood of majority of the middle class in the country will also deteriorate to that of the low income population, that is already reaching grave situation.

While those responsible for the economic disaster are still in power and the continued decline of the economy is seen by bringing their numbers into positions of power, ignoring the effects of their actions on the people in the past and present; thus it is the need of the hour for the President of Sri Lanka to take care of this deteriorating situation, before  it gets out of control!