God help Sri Lankans who help themselves!

“God helps those who help themselves” a motto that emphasizes the importance of self-initiative and expression is known around the world is used to inspire people for self-help is true for Sri Lankan rulers.

From the time country gained independence 75 years ago in 1948 from the British; our elite rulers have helped themselves with the power for their own benefit. The resulting misrule destroyed the country that was a paradise at independence; and the ruled citizens made of many ethnic and religious communities failed to benefit from the exclusive rule still in force.

The net effect of all years of negative rule by elite rulers dating back to independence and beyond triggered an exclusive rule and the rulers encounterd two insurgencies and a civil-war that lasted many decades causing much distruction on the lives of the ruled.

Many citizens, especially professionals from all sections of the ruled fled the country to one or the other ‘green havens’ across the world, as they considered their nation was a sinking ship. Today the country is facing an economic crisis never seen before has triggered the ‘Aragalaya’ protests and the subsequent political crisis, culminating in elected President being replaced for the first time by a selected President.

With the new President, exclusive rulers soon in their own corrupt way began reviving the economy and re-stabilising the political system, which they considered relatively easier than restoring personal values, health and education country that has excelled since independence.

Under the present sinario, with the government and the polity grappling with macro issues, both economic and political, including the ethnic problem, the society, cutting across ethnicities, class and other social divides should take the initiative at the grassroots level, to feed and help families in need to help people in villages and towns to fend for themselves. Possible religious and other social institutions organizing these programmes with the government authorities coordinating and collaborating with such exercises to help restore normalcy in the country in the New Year!