Unconformist politics only helps the rulers!

Unconformist politics of appeasing one region without doing enough to others, would further deepens his legitimacy deficit, than suiting President’s interests.

Sri Lankan President only knows very well that in the end this will not help his act of wanting to do justice to the Tamils as a minority race; but bitter truth is it is circumferences have compelled him to do so.

It must be admitted that it would cause even more confusion and disagreement may even contribute to a rebellion in the long run. Therefore, it is every patriots’ duty to support the current efforts of the president to maintain unity among communities.

Under this sinario, it is best to refrain from participating in any of the celebrations of the 75th Independence Day, free from foreign rule in 1948 or for that matter any events against it. Because these are all political dramas and time is certainly not appropriate at present for such events!