Sri Lanka in crisis with hundreds of small businesses collapsing!

After the civil-war was brought to finish in 2009, the Buddhist Sinhala leaders of the major community, as rulers retained their dominant role, at the expense of minority communities depriving them of their fundamental rights.

This forced the grived Tamil speaking minorities to continue with their protest to regain their lost rights, with a dream of regaining their lost position that existed 500 years back, prior to colonial rule.

As the result of this prolonged misrule, the once paradise island nation is today bankrupt; has left the ordinary poor civilians in all corners of the island nation of multi ethnic and religious communities into a prolonged suffering, more so the Tamils, whose war related issues are still left unresolved by the state.

Under this sinario, to bring back normalcy in Sri Lanka, the President as it’s ruler must rise above party politics and resolve first all related issues to reinstate rights of all the minorities in the tiny island nation!