Author: Northern Breeze

A Weblog by Thamby Ramar named "Northern Breeze" to exchange views with ever growing followers worldwide, on current affairs and other related subjects to facilitate the development of a multi-ethnic and united Sri Lanka. A native from Jaffna did my secondary schooling in Colombo and graduated in England with an Engineering Degree to be made a Chartered Engineer in 1975 gained over 20 years of industrial experience in design and construction specializing mainly in Power, Energy & Water Supply based in UK, with assignments in Malaysia, Oman and Saudi Arabia. On returning home to my roots in North of Sri Lanka in 1986 when there was a deep resentment among the Tamil youths on a perceived betrayal by an oppressive state making them feel like strangers in their own land that forced them to wage a war for over three decades. While, I worked for over 30 years as consultant on development related projects, includes managing a team of Designers and Engineers in Jaffna during the period 1986 to 1992 when forced to closedown operations due the high intensity of the civil war on the ground causing severe destruction and loss of lives that forced us while at work to move into bunkers for safety and were internally displaced many times. Thereafter functioned as a freelance Development Consultant; presented many concept papers on development of various sectors particularly in the North. Finally, after the house was shelled sold up everything for a song and left war torn Jaffna peninsula to live in Colombo with the family in 1997. Did work on some key assignments that includes preparing the Jaffna District Water Supply Development Programme in 2003 for National Water Supply & Drainage Board; the concept of managing waste land as an entry point for development of Vali-West Division in 2010. Later worked as Quality and Energy Audit consultant from Colombo to empower businesses and consumers to make wise decisions and eliminate wasteful uses of energy. At present a keen follower of the post war economic and political developments in Sri Lanka sharing my experience and knowledge with a quest to know what kept the state on hold while Sri Lankans were tearing apart into negative peace years after the guns of the Tamil Youths were silenced in 2009 and since 2015 how the Unity Government is getting on with the promised good governance.